The Orta lake

Blick auf den Ortasee

The bead of the upper-Italian seas, the secret tap in north Italy

"The gray bead in the green shrine" - as Balzac the Ortasee characterized has itself despite his very close neighborhood to the Lago Maggiore (Maggiore lake) and its proximity to the large Milano (Milan) cities, Varese and Novara retains its remarkable originality.

The climate is mild, in the winter sunny and poor in precipitation. Particularly widens surfaces on the west bank exhibit rich tree existence among them chestnuts and beeches. In higher zones firs and spruces woods. In the park plants and gardens grow exotic and subtropic plants.


West of the Lago Maggiore ( Maggiore lake), 290 m over the sea, convenient in the region Piemont.

With lengthens from 13,5 km and maximum width of 2,5 km, ranks the Orta lake to the smaller upper-Italian lakes. The more brightly its gloss radiates. Among experts, the Orta lake applies the "Cusio" (the antiquity) as the most romantic lake from upper-Italy. North of the European alps is this jewel, however hardly to known.

The banks of the lake unite on limited area all the charm of the large before alps lakes, pictorial landscape, charmful atmosphere and typically Italian lifestyle. Poets and writers how Goethe, Nietsche and Hemingway have already in early years the way here found.

Tour possibilities into the closer and further environment. Culture-historical buildings from 8 centuries can be visited.

Concerts in Orta and on the island San Giulio can be visited. The catering trade is good and rich. Of the simple Osteria up to the luxury restaurant is present everything. Dreamed restaurants around the lake (many also with the boat attainable) invite to an attendance.

Water sport of all kinds such as swimming, sailing, surfing, water ski, and motorboat drive are here possible. At the east and west bank there is ever a small decay furnished sport boat port with still sufficient free places for boats.

Tennis, horseback riding, in the winter ski driving and snow boarding on the mountain Mottarone or in several nearby skiing areas of the Sesia valley. On the glacier at the south slopes on the Monte Rosa mountains ski driving is possible in the summer

Golf can you play at three places in front of the lake and other four places in the near environment. By the traffic-technically good development is the Orta lake today from all directions, with the car, the train or or airplane well attainable.

Good traffic route to Switzerland (60Km) to Milano (45Km), Turino (160Km), to the Lago Magggiore (Maggiore lake), Luganersee (Lake of Lugano) as well as the areas of cultivation of wine of the Piemont. The Mediterranean is from here with the car in 1,5 hours attainable.

International airports you can find it in Malpensa (35Km) and Milano (Linate/60Km).

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