Reference to taxes, result with the possession of a real estate in Italy

Questions on current income taxes and the local real estate tax we answer to you gladly.

The taxes specified here, concerns natural and legal entities as well as the local real estate tax in Italy.

Income taxes for natural persons, becomes generally on the Rendita Catastale (land register income) and not raised on the actual income. Exception with letting. Here are the renting income crucial. This tax have a progressive rising. During dwellings in first possession in that the owner lives, becomes a free allowance of Euro 550.00

The income taxes for legal entities, here amounts the tax 37%.


The local real estate tax, here it concerns a local delivery. This results from a complicated calculation on basis of the Rendita Catastale (land register income). Depending upon municipality, becomes on the amount which can be taxed, raised a sentence of a value from 4 to 7 parts per thousand.

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