Purchase completion

The purchase of a real estate becomes completed in Italy usually in 2 steps
You hold on a good and respectably consultation under any circumstances do not do without before the purchase of your real estate. Our company is to you gladly at the disposal. With us, you have a fall back to more than 20 years experience.

1. The preliminary agreement

In Italy the conclusion of a preliminary agreement is usual. The present treaty, that when desired, notarially authenticated, should all agreements were decided contained. At the time of conclusion of the present treaty, you pay a pre-payment up to 30% of the purchase price.

In order to eliminate later problems you should, before you sign a preliminary agreement always make sure that all necessary documents all building permits and development grants are present. Without valid grants the notary usually becomes recording refuse.

The preliminary agreement is legal in Italy and for both parties, legally for the salesman and buyer of the real estate!

2. The notaries sales contract

Only at the time of conclusion of the notary contract takes place the transfer of title on the buyer. At this time to pay the entire remaining purchase sum. The notary is obligated, to inform you, before recording the contract itself over the legal conditions and within a given period, to arrange the transfer of title, the registration and the land register entry.

Codici-fiscale (Tax number)

For each legal transaction you need in Italy a tax number (codici fiscale), this number must with each purchase to be indicated in the contract. 

The number can be requested with each tax office.

During the first clarifying, particularly if you are not powerful with the Italian language, you should the assistance, take up the assistance of a respectable specialists.

With the search for a suitable real estate, particularly however with the pre-clarification, is the support by a respectable specialist very helpfully. We help you thereby! 
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