Additional purchase expenses

With the purchase of a real estate in Italy, usually result additional expenses, which we to respond here want

Individually and comprehensively we advise you before and after the acquisition of your real estate, the clarifications with the authorities are included.
The additional expenses specified here (purchase additional expenses), are taxes result with a real estate acquisition in Italy. Please read also our references referring to taxes after the purchase, that results with the possession of a real estate in Italy.

Register tax


Mortgage tax


Land register tax


Total tax portition


First domicile


Agricultural properties


Purchase of enterprises


The resulting taxes refer to the sales contract officially registered value!

In Italy it's usual, that in the notaries sales contract a lower price than the really paid is indicated.

In order to avoid controversies with the registry office, you must adhere to valid rules.

Each real estate, with exception of properties, a productive value is assigned of the registry office. This is multiplied by the factor corresponding for the real estate and results in the official purchase sum.

This value can exceeded, may not be are fallen below around the registry office none have handles to calculate a counter-appraisal.

The notary fees amount are usually approx. 2% of the purchase price, this can with smaller purchase sums in addition, lie over it.

I.M.V.I.M. Multi-increment duty becomes due with the passing on of a real estate, the paying duty amount, is the difference between initially and initial value of the real estate in the possession time. 

Real estates were acquired  after 01.01.1993 are not any longer subject of the I.M.V.I.M.

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