Lothar Lothar Kahl Immobilien is a company registered in the Swiss trade register. The registered business place is in CH-5032 Rohr/AG in Switzerland. Owner and managing director are Lothar Kahl.

Since more than 20 years, we offer real estates and properties at the Orta lake, Maggiore lake, lake of Lugano and on the surrounding areas. The company owner itself, since 1965 resident at the Orta lake, with the giving nesses in north Italy trusts in the best way, gives a warranty for an individually advice, prices corresponding to real market conditions and a service going beyond the purchase.

Our real estate offer at the upper-Italian lakes, covered carefully selected and examined objects, like houses, mansions, rustic style objects, apartments and properties at various places at prices corresponding to real market conditions.

We don't only obtain real estates, we plan, build and rebuild in typically country stile. The small professional team at the Orta lake gives a guarantee for an optimal customer service and comprehensive support after the purchase.

In the year 1992 we expanded our field of activity to Costa Rica. Also here, we offer an extensive real estate offer to you and comprehensive service. To our service achievements belong object inspections, the examination of the purchase objects, the entire purchase completion, foundations of a firm, the setting-up of bank accounts, assistance with the procurement of residences, the project planning and building support.
Our services:

You find our offices on the Orta lake in Pella at the Motta public square.

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